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*Please Note: This is NOT a finished game. It is a heavily in-development build / branch, constantly being worked on, in order to become the best it can be, before it reaches Steam and larger platforms alike. The build provided here on Itch.io is archived and therefore, NOT representative of the current state of development or the game itself.

*You may likely encounter various issues related to areas such as performance, bugs, and other game imperfections while playing this build of the game while it is under development. 

*Please take into consideration proving any useful feedback in our public Discord community here: https://discord.gg/mBZvEPU in order to help development or provide your much appreciated interest in the project today.

-Thank you all, for your time, feedback and participation.

- Latest Build: 26.A (Also displayed in Main Menus) -

Welcome, to the heart of classic-fantasy RPG.

In a diverse, massive open world where never-ending fantasy waits to be explored...

Wolfthorn is an open-world fantasy inspired action-rpg taking place in the fantastical lands of Arden, one of the largest, of the seven continents of the world; among an Earth bestowed among the fantasies of Wolfthorn called the Midian-Earth, with a rich open-ended fantasy experience driving deep into the roots of epic fantasy and classic mystical roots of it all, taking deep inspiration from J.R.R. Tolkien's works and the Lord of The Rings series.

Being hand crafted by one dude (you know, but without the "rule them all" part)...

~Choose your path, destiny and story...

*Write your own tales, and venture your own destiny...

*Stand for the light and fight for the peoples of the Midian:

  • You play as Areyu, the son of a commanding general of the Ardenian forces making up the free peoples of the Midian-Earth. When tragedy strikes at youth, all is lost for young Areyu, and he is forced to grow up as an even stronger warrior to fight back the ruthlessness of pure evil and become a living legend amongst the history of the world for vengeance, glory and remembrance above all else. What he realizes in the end, is there is much more than just those things.

It's your Never-ending Story...

(Books may or may not be included this time, and most certainly not in an attic):

  • Discover hidden pasts and follow the path of an adventurer in a world of unpredictable natures...
  • Traverse, build and mold your character in an open world action-rpg experience where the world is your sandbox.
  • Play, experience and tell fantasy, your way.
  • Explore until you need a breather; Wolfthorn will feature a plethora of large, open-ended handcrafted world spaces for you to traverse, for your own never-ending story. 
  • Experience familiar souls-like combat with an arsenal of melee weaponry, magic and ranged weapons.

*See live development streams, and more at: https://www.twitch.tv/itsaerix

*DONATIONS WILL BE USED SOLELY FOR DEVELOPMENT OF THIS GAME AND RESOURCES TO PUSH FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE AT ALL TIMES. They are NOT required, but so very deeply appreciated and goes a long way in making this dream title of mine a reality for all to experience, play and enjoy.
My Indie.db page (Not currently updated as of 3/6/21): https://www.indiedb.com/games/wolfthorn


Join our Community for Updates!

Reach our games and development community via my Official Discord here: https://discord.gg/mBZvEPU

You may also reach our Tolkien community via my LOTR/Tolkien Server here: https://discord.gg/PXHRWsn

Official Website: https://www.aerixartgames.com/

  • Explore a plethora of massive, unique worlds, locations, play-styles, and more all in the hands of how you see them fit for you!

  • Experience an Epic Fantasy Sandbox where possibilities are endless...

  • Follow a lore-hearty world, driven by limitless freedom all throughout the massive central continent of Arden...

  • Enter and explore the dynamic ever changing world of the Midian...

The world of open fantasy awaits you...

Support Information:
If you encounter any technical problems, and or have questions regarding the game;
You may contact my support email at: aerixartgamesfaq@gmail.com
or, alternatively you can email my main email at: aerixartgames@gmail.com
*Also note, film grain can be toggled on or off in-game, and is only 
used for personal favor and / or choice in some of the screenshots provided.
*The following may improve / change over time and development before final releases of any kind:
Minimum Specs:
Windows 10 (10.0) Home 64-bit (Build 18362 or higher) or Higher
Intel Core i5 6600k Equivalent or Higher (Tested on desktop machine)
8 GB System Memory
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 TI or AMD Radeon R7 370 (or Equivalent) / 4GB Video Memory or Higher
(Any Sound Card is Necessary)
And around 8+ GB of system storage. 
Recommended Specs:
Windows 10 (10.0) Home 64-bit (Build 18362 or higher)  or Higher
Intel Core i7 8750H or Equivalent (Tested on laptop machine)
16 GB System Memory (Could be less - just used for benchmarks mainly)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB or AMD Radeon R9 390X (Tested on 6GB GTX 1060, and 2070 Max-Q 8GB) / 6GB Video Memory or Higher
(Any Sound Card is Necessary)
And around 8+ GB of system storage. 

-And a heartfelt thank you, to the following mentioned inspirations in my life and many others as well, this game and it's story has been inspired by Sir J.R.R. Tolkien who has been an inspiration all of my life, and writers such as Andrzej Sapkowski, who wrote the Witcher books, and even Michael Ende who created the 80's fantasy film series; Never Ending Story.
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AuthorAerix Art Games
GenreRole Playing, Action, Adventure
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Action RPG, Fantasy, Low-poly, Open World, Singleplayer


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