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Welcome to the future, from the eyes of a cyborg seeking vengeance... 

The Story that'll Fit the Glove:

POWERGLOVE is a third-person over the shoulder action shooter with a sci-fi, eighties aesthetic and fast paced, heart pumping gameplay.

When a cyborg-soldier is met with near death amidst a failed mission to an enemy outpost, the mission goes south, and his squadron is taken captive. Being occupied by an evil federation known as the VOLTEGA forces; among a remote planet in the galaxy, he is brought into captivity with his squadron and the woman he loved and tortured into submission with them. Eventually, the enemy turns him from a cyborg, into a full-bodied cyber soldier, only...they forgot the Volteka grade AI chip, and left what was known as the "Power Glove" too damn close.

Play the Classic Fury-Driven Cyber-Lover:

Escaping in fury, desperation and pure vengeance; he's after three things: the VOLTEGA forces blown to smithereens, his friends rescued and his cyber-girl back.

Run Through Eternity, and Out of Space:

It's an endless, randomly generated 3D "runner" where you are "running out of space" when two ray shields are put between you and a never ending space-labyrinth of hazards, obstacles and cyber enemies...in one of the largest VOLTEGA space compounds known as Eternity.

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Official Website: https://www.aerixartgames.com/

Gameplay Instructions:

Controls, key-bindings and so on are listed in the game's options menu, accessible through the main menus and pause menus in game (Esc / P or Right Special on Gamepad). It is singleplayer, and loading screens with hints are also available in game for convenience. Mouse Wheel Up / Down toggles the player's combat state currently, so it would switch between unarmed / and the glove for now (this is also planned to be added as a key binding when Axis mappings are added).

What to Expect after the Jam Submissions have been Judged:

LOTS and LOTS of updates, I had so much fun with this project in fact in the short time I had, that I actually really want to improve upon the concept and maybe even push it out to Steam once it's polished and depending on what players would like utmost.

After the jam, what will be added / implemented immediately are but not limited to the following:

  • Accurate crosshairs and possible customizability.
  • Ability to toggle off in-game monitor effect, and lessen bloom.
  • A gamma / in game brightness setting.
  • Key bindings for weapon equipping / unequipping (aka; Scroll Wheel or D-Pad Up / Down on Gamepad).
  • You now start with your weapon equipped and a setting may be added so you have the option to have this or not.
  • Audio settings will now save properly.
  • Cancel button is fixed (Graphics settings).
  • Fixed missing sound classes on some audio.
  • Added Mouse sensitivity settings for overall vertical and horizontal looking.
  • Cyber-Heavies now have a weakness (back energy tanks), and are actually much slower as they should be now. They are also larger.
  • Projectiles no longer kill other enemies that are of the same class (Enemies will not murder each other).
  • Improved Cyber-Guards' shock baton effects and added SFX when active.
  • Added metal projectile impact sounds, improved decals and added proper physical materials on characters. As well as default projectile reactions.
  • Tweaked and slightly improved AI.
  • And perhaps more...? We'll see, but for now, enjoy and good luck everyone! : )
Minimum Specs (Being tested still):
Windows 10 (10.0) Home 64-bit 
Intel Core i5 6600k or Equivalent (Tested on desktop machine)
8 GB System Memory
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4 GB or Equivalent (Tested on spare Desktop Machine) or 4gb+ Video Memory
(Any Sound Card is Necessary)
And around 1.2+ GB of system storage for the game. 
Recommended (This game is still Currently very heavy on Visuals and Effects):
Windows 10 (10.0) Home 64-bit 
Intel Core 8th Gen Intel i7 or Equivalent (Tested on laptop machine)
16 GB System Memory (Could be less - just used for benchmarks mainly)
GTX 1060 6GB (Tested on 6GB GTX 1060, and 2070 Max-Q 8GB) or 6gb+ Video Memory
(Any Sound Card is Necessary)
And around 1.2+ GB of system storage for the game. 

This game was originally created for the #UNREALJAM2021 !


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