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*Please Note: This is NOT a finished game. It is a heavily in-development build of the game and is currently a free, community based / purposed project for anyone to explore, discover or just mess around in. Welcome to Amouraa wastelanders...

*You may likely encounter various issues related to areas such as performance, bugs, and other game imperfections while playing this build of the game while it is under development. 

-Thank you all, for your time, feedback and participation.

Excore: A Desolation Story

About Polygonal Wastelands / Project Wasteland:

The super continent of Amouraa is all that remains of the Earth, and with it, a massive land of wonder; spanning hundreds of ecosystems, terrifying weather conditions and unnatural scales of once normal creatures and animals of the Earth. It is the year 2502, and the world is a nature defying, wasteland of many ecosystems beyond our imagination previous. Prehistoric life meets the dawn of men, and the rules of Earth had been rewritten; mankind is mixed with other alien beings, robots and machines of a new ancient technology are on the rise of new industry of the past beginning... And nearly 500 years after the world was flipped from nature to beast, you are born, spoken to be the legend of the New Earth you will become, and your journey has just begun. Welcome, to Amouraa, warrior.

*Project Wasteland / Excore is a singleplayer wasteland exploration / survival shooter game study that is being conducted inside of the Unreal Engine 4 as a side project also being developed live when I had some free time with my community.

Connect with us!

See live dev streams, and more at: https://www.twitch.tv/itsaerix 

Official Website: https://www.aerixartgames.com/

Discord Community: https://discord.gg/mBZvEPU

It began to become truly inspired along with existing inspirations and studies from the Mad Max films and games when I conducted my Planet of the Apes classic film study the October of 2020 a few months ago now, along with a long time love for the Fallout video game franchise ever since I was a child. When I did so, it opened up some major doors for a game standing the idea and nature of such an incredible possible written narrative and singleplayer action rpg experience like none other. From there, I decided over the past few months, it'd become a commercial passion-project for the community to enjoy, and share my love for the wasteland setting in games, but in my own way, stories and world created from the ground up.

Game Controls:

Game Controls
WASD - General Movement
Space - Jump
Q - Unequip / Equip Current Weapon
1 - Primary Weapon
2 - Secondary Weapon
Left Mouse Button - Fire Weapon / Attack
Right Mouse Button - Aim Current Ranged Weapon
R - Reload Weapon
ESC / P - Pause Game
E - Interact
F / T - Toggle Shoulder Flashlight
V - Toggle Camera Mode
TAB / M / J - Toggle Pocket PC (Skycam)
*More listed soon / any other keys I forgot let me know.
*The following may improve / change over time and development before final releases of any kind:
 Minimum Specs: 
Windows 10 (10.0) Home 64-bit (Build 18362 or higher) 
Intel Core i5 6600k (Tested on desktop machine) 
8 GB System Memory 
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 TI or AMD Radeon R7 370 (or Equivalent) / 4GB Video Memory or Higher 
(Any Sound Card is Necessary) 
And around 2+ GB of system storage.  
Recommended Specs: 
Windows 10 (10.0) Home 64-bit (Build 18362 or higher) 
Intel Core i7 8750H or Equivalent (Tested on laptop machine) 
16 GB System Memory (Could be less - just used for benchmarks mainly) 
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB or AMD Radeon R9 390X (Tested on 6GB GTX 1060, and 2070 Max-Q 8GB) / 6GB Video Memory or Higher 
(Any Sound Card is Necessary) 
And around 2+ GB of system storage.
Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorAerix Art Games
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Shooter
Tags3D, Exploration, Open World, Post-apocalyptic, Singleplayer, Third Person, wasteland


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Excore - Polygonal Wastelands 1 GB
Version 9

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I was excited to play, but my game is all yellow and super bright im playing from the app. let me know if i need t do something or please fix thanks

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Hmmm...that is probably the most strange issue I've seen in any of my games for awhile! Thank you so much for sharing. Can you kindly list your general specs and I can try and look into it for you? I've attached an image of what you should be seeing as well. Thank you, - Connor

how do i find that?


Hi, sure so I would be happy to help. On a Windows system (which is the only operating system this game is built for currently), you can view your system specs by going to your Start Menu and typing in msinfo then from there clicking the System Information result as follows. From this screen you will be greeted to all of your computer's hardware specifications in one place. I only need your general specifications from you to debug though so that would be the following under each corresponding "Tab" on your left sidebar (they are titled as follows under their relative tab names):

System Summary:

  • Your OS Name.
  • Your System Type.
  • Your Processor.
  • Your Installed Physical Memory (RAM).

And then under the Components tab on the left, and then Display:

  • Your Graphics Card Name (At the very top).
  • Your Resolution (Display Resolution).

Thank you, and if you have any questions let me know!

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windows 11 home

type x64

i5-1035G1 1.00GHz 1190Mhz, 4 Cores, 8 logical processors

8gb RAM

intel(R) UHD Graphics

1366 x 768 x 60 hertz


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So it appears your specifications are indeed under system requirements for the game (primarily your GPU), although you should still be able to run on super low settings. What I find odd is the yellow graphical issue going on there in the main menus most of all. Are you able to adjust your settings by clicking options or does that issue prevent you from doing so? If so, I would lower them all drastically, try different resolutions, etc to see if anything changes. I am actually curious as to making sure there's at least no graphical issues like this on lower end hardware so I'll see what I can do from there. Again thank you for helping out here, really means a bunch! - Connor


Does this game still receive updates? Very excited to see its updates but i dont get notified of them


Hi again! I noticed, it may be because you had unfollowed accidentally I presume, but just note; there has been a few, but mostly minor patches. I really aim to focus on it more this next year, and hopefully that can gain more coverage, and some exciting stuff can come out of it all, such as release on Steam when the time comes, etc. In the future, I'll be utilizing the dev logs here on itch more to help express this.

Best regards,

-Connor from Aerix Art Games


Glad to hear! I do regularly check my itch app for updates on games and saw this was in my library but no recent updates shown. More frequent devlogs on itch definitely help! even if its talking about some mechanic or design you create


Wow, this is really good. Played it for about 40 minutes until falling into a radioactive hole and having no way out. I really like this game so far and I recommend you keep at it!

I have a bit of feedback on the game as well:


  • The game launches steam VR for some reason, did not play it in vr though. 
  • Main menu ui seemed unresponsive at times other than the hover sound
  • The holding positions of weapons are off, makes them clip into the characters hands or float
  • enemies dont react to gunshots from a range
  • using the locker made me male when i was female
  • crouching and aiming locks movement, i did not notice any benefits of crouching
  • found items (shotgun) is not preserved through scenes
  • It gets really dark, maybe a flashlight or weapon flashlight mod would be nice
  • T-rex walks very slow, does not match its animations
  • Annoying to have to spam e to buy ammo
  • I was unable to enter barry's video store
  • npcs dont seem to react to having allies shot/not react to a wolf coming into town and murdering them all
  • Can run out of ammo pretty easily and no easy way to restock in open world, somewhat caused by the issue of having to stand in front of an npc and spam e to buy ammo as the only source
  • Enemies sometimes spawn right in front of me

Things that were done really well:

  • The in-game ui is very simple and shows everything it should.
  • Sound design is great
  • The moment when an enemy starts firing their gun it gets tense
  • The scene compositions are amazing
  • Headshots feel good
  • Character controls are good
  • Camera is amazing (both for moving around and the effects on it)
  • I like the style of the game
  • Pretty cool loading screens
  • The game is just really well made!

Overall was a fun experience. Enjoy being my first 5 star game so far on itch.io. Good luck with your further development!

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Means a lot to me and I certainly will keep at it. I really appreciate you giving all the amazing feedback and know that it helps me so much! 

Cheers, and I thank you greatly. 


You're welcome, I see a lack of comment interaction on the smaller/newer games and try to always give feedback. 

Have a good one!